| Piston



  • Type
  • Double Acting or Spring Return Piston
  • Action
  • Fail Open, Fail Close or Fail In Place
  • Material
  • Cylinder: Amalgon
  • Shaft: Stainless Steel
  • End Cap: Aluminum
  • Yoke: Carbon Steel
  • Manual Override
  • Hand Wheel with Gear Box
  • Design Features
  • High Resolution
  • Dynamic Response
  • Very Fast Stroking Speed
  • Very Low Dead Band, Hysteresis,Linerarity

As process control requirements become more stringent, buying the proper control valve/actuator system becomes more and more important. One of the most cost-effective methods of accurately controlling a fl uid process is with a CCI DRAG® control valve and a high-performance pneumatic actuator. CCI’s pneumatic actuator can be custom-tailored to meet your most demanding control specifi cations. CCI’s control expertise and experience is proven through our application of these high performance actuators to the most demanding applications industry has to offer.

The CCI pneumatic actuator is a piston type unit operating from plant air for stiffness and thrust. Thrust capabilities are available up to 40,000 pounds at 100 psig supply. Actuator control is through a variety of positioners that can accommodate virtually any signal range, e.g., 4.20 mA, 3.15 psig ( kg/cm²), 3.27 psig ( kg/cm²). CCI pneumatic actuators can easily be split-ranged when valves are installed in parallel for greater rangeability.

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Actuator Performance
Presented here as examples are some data from standard models, and some from ultra-high performance actuators for specially demanding applications. Please note that these values are typical of installed use and are not the laboratory fi gures.