| 830T



  • Valve size
  • 3/4" to 10"
  • Ratings
  • ANSI Class 150, 300, 600
  • Flow Direction
  • Diverting, Mixing
  • Materials
  • A216 WCB, WCC A217 WC6, WC9 A351 CF8(M), CF3(M), CN7M A351 Duplex, B148 AL-Br A352 LCB, LCC HASTELLOY-B/C
  • Flow Characteristic
  • Linear
  • Port Sizes
  • Full or reduced
  • Seat Leakage
  • Standard-ANSI Class Ⅲ Option-ANSI Class Ⅳ

The series 830T three-way valve is designed for Diverting service or mixing service applications. A diverting service valve takes common stream and splits it into two outlet ports. A mixing service valve combines two fluid streams and dicsharges the mixed fluid to a common outlet port. The 830T three-way valve actually performs the function of two oppositeacting standard two-way Valves. So the use of one valve instead of two is very economical. Our various trim types and end connections of the 830T valves give you design flexibility that can surely satisfy your system requirements. The 830T valve is available in size 3/4” ~ 10” and ANSI 150, 300, and 600 classes.


High capacity
Broad and streamlined fluid passage can pass larger amount of fluid than other three- way valves of the same size.

Stable Operation
Port and top guiding or cage guiding make the operation of the plug stable regardless of plug travel.

Rugged structure and smooth operation guarantee a long maintenance-free service life

Various body and trim types provide Design versatility for your needs.